From Good to Great

The Sumba Foundation needed help sharing their life-changing work. We overhauled their existing website to more clearly tell their story and display the tremendous impact being made across the world.

The Sumba Foundation Case Study

Page by Page Optimization

Our team dissected all the existing pages on the Sumba Foundation website. We considered the copy, layout, and context of every page and paragraph. The result was site-wide design and messaging transformation.

Sumba health page original Original

Make it Shine

The Sumba Foundation’s site was full of great information and details. The challenge was reorganizing and revising the content so the most important elements shone brightly. In order to do so, we copy-edited the entire site, adjusted page layouts, and added new pages where necessary.

The Needs List

The Sumba Foundation has the unique opportunity to place its mission in front of nearby resort visitors. Nihi Sumba has been voted the top resort in the world, twice. We created a printed needs list guide to be left in every villa, and the foundation presents to guests once a week at a resort BBQ.

Sumba Foundation Donations

Collecting Donations

Partnering with passionate supporters is an important necessity for the Sumba Foundation. We revised the giving page with an updated look and feel. We also connected the site to the foundation’s donation platform of choice. We are happy to see donations coming through problem free!

The Sumba Foundation Non-Profit Home Page Design
Kenny Knickerbocker: The Sumba Foundation

The King Grizzly team was incredible. Their creativity and knowledge about website design, content generation, and taking copy and making into something that represents who we are and what we do was great. Really a wonderful group to work with!

Kenneth Knickerbocker

General Manager, The Sumba Foundation